Company Profile

  • The company “SARDELIS TAX SERVICES” consists of an informed and established staff of Economists who provide comprehensive accounting, wage and tax services; supervision, organization, and monitoring of any interested company’s accounting departments (that includes all legal forms of businesses; be it Individual Business, Ltd., Inc., Partnerships, etc.).
  • At the same time and throughout Greece, it provides counseling by telephone for the immediate and safe resolution of any problems related to any form of taxation.
  • Our lasting experience along with our continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of the ongoing changes in taxation and labor issues, bring us up to date and prepare us to be immediately ready to meet the needs of any interested company or individual.
  • The financial crisis that we all go through, makes us more responsible. Thus, we offer our services with greater reliability, efficiency and responsibility. Everyday our focus is on personal service, timely and accurate resolution of any and all taxation issues and the flexible adaptation to current and future economic facts.

Our task is to develop strong and lasting relationships with our customers, which are characterized by values. We are also committed to consistently provide the highest level of service, seriousness, integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Sincerely, Representing The Company, George Sardelis

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