Business Process Automation


Our Experienced in Computerization associates propose and implement the computerization of all services of your company by assessing the needs and particularities of your Company.
Telephone Tax Advice in Greece
Our company has set up a special section for Consulting Services throughout Greece for the immediate resolution of questions regarding:

  • General VAT issues
  • Special VAT status (Special Conditions of Article 43 for travel agencies, etc.).
  • Triangular Trade with Intra-Union and non EMU Nations (VAT returns, Intrastat, Summary Table).
  • Issues of the transactions tax reporting code
  • Income Tax
  • Labor Issues

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Accounting Services

Supervision of Accounting departments (all legal forms)

  • Record keeping of all categories (B and C class)
  • VAT Declarations – Clearances
  • Labour – Insurance – Payroll
  • E1 Statements of Income Tax for Individuals. E3 Statements for Freelance Professionals and Companies, Statements of Income Tax-Corporate (SA Ltd., OE, EE, cooperatives, SWF, etc.) – Other Tax Statements Income
  • Company Founding
  • Dissolution – Company Clearance
  • Self-regulation Control
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Ratios
  • Control of Business Sustainability
  • Audit controls for businesses

Tax Services

  • Advice on current tax laws
  • Advice on the legal forms of companies and what form is in your interests
  • Advice on upcoming tax changes

Organization and Supervision of Accounting

Our experienced and specialized staff is coming to your business advising and overseeing your financial services.

At regular intervals, internal controls take place to prevent errors and to project the course of your company.

Analysis with Ratios for liquidity and the dynamics of your business.

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